Original watch design for men's and women's watches. (Includes concept sketches and 2d computer renders of the watch/es. Front, back, side)

3d renders for your watch

Technical watch drawings/CAD model (to be used by manufacturer)

Watch manufacturer selection

(region of production and quality standards)

Watch packaging / box design


(includes: company logo, typography, theme, colours, email letter head, icons) 

Why work with me?

I have been concentrating on luxury watch design and original watch design for 6 years and am currently in the prototyping stage of my own watch brand. During this time I have built a resourceful network of trusted people and manufacturers within the watch industry, from here in the UK to Switzerland and Hong Kong. I speak native English and communicate clearly and effectively. This might seem expected but another service could leave you frustrated. Most importantly, you know who you are communicating with and can rely on that consistency.

What about companies offering similar services? 


There are agencies in Switzerland and China that I have seen offering watch design services. I’m sure some of them are good, however I believe I offer a much more intimate and personalised approach. Clients are in direct communication with me, and can rely on that consistency, rather than speaking to various departments and people at different times.


Starting a watch brand or creating new watch designs is an expensive process. If the watch design or branding isn't right are you prepared to pay for multiple revisions, and spend more of your time and energy trying to get it right when you could be focused on other aspects of your business?

Do you want an un-inspiring, generic watch design that is lacking in detail and looks like everything else on the market, or worse, a cheap imitation? I strive for the opposite. You need an original watch design that will stand out and proudly display your brands identity and story, to capture your customers attention, imagination and desire. That is my goal when working with you.


Send me a message and tell me how I can best help you.

I look forward to it!



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