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Below are a few examples of my men's watch designs. I also share an insight into the inspirations behind each design to give you an example of how we can use your ideas and build them into the watch you want to create. 


Some of my work is confidential or on-going and I am unable to present it here.

Sports watch

Sporty Chronometer Watch Design

I was captivated when I heard about the special 1947 Omega tourbillon watch, of which only thirteen prototypes were believed to be created. Hidden behind its ordinary and unassuming dial was the calibre 30I movement that featured a tourbillon regulator. Its humble design is in such contrast to most tourbillon watches today, which seem to place all their focus around this complication. I wanted to create something with the same spirit as the Omega but could be used as an everyday watch, having a more current and sporty style, not just a prototype made for prestigious time trials.

Pocket watch design
Pocket watch design

Moon Phase Pocket Watch

Nowadays everyone has an iphone or Android phone, but not too long ago pocket watches were the smart devices carried around. I wanted to challenge my imagination by creating in a different form factor, as my propensity has always been towards designing wrist watches with unique lugs and straps.

This pocket watch has a uniquely customised movement, finished with large Geneva stripes and heat-blued screws. On the front side, the dial is made from black enamel which contrasts the finely cut Arabic numbers in white gold. The small seconds dial at nine o'clock also reveals a sparkling night sky, displaying the twenty-nine-and-a-half day lunar cycle.

Tourbillon watch

Jumping Hours & Minutes Tourbillon Watch Design

The jumping hour complication is often combined with a simple minute hand to tell the time in a more unique and engaging way. I wanted to take things a step further and design a watch that also features a jumping minute display, power reserve, retrograde day and night indicator, and a central tourbillon, for a total of five movement complications. The layout is simple, clear and balanced in the case shape, as my first aim when developing a watch design is to create harmony. 

Tourbillon watch design
luxury watch design for men

Treasure Tourbillon Watch Design

I believe a watch can tell a story to the person wearing it. A watch doesn’t have to be plain and boring in design. It can inspire ideas and dreams. When I think of this unique, luxury watch design, I envision a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. Divers swim down to it and discover a rusty, old chest. Back on land they open it and find it is full of the rarest treasures.

Amongst the jewels, gold and silver coins there is this watch - The Treasure Tourbillon

Hand engraved tourbillon watch design

The Kryptonite X Tourbillon Watch

The Kryptonite X was made as an example for my bespoke watch experience. In this exclusive service I work with your ideas and inspirations to develop a one of one watch that captures your imagination in a very special, and truly personal time companion.

Skeleton type watch design
Skeleton watch design
Skeleton watch sketch design

Men's Skeleton Watch Design

Architecture is another form of design that has always been of interest to me, and I thought about developing a watch that appeared as miniature structure, with winding roads and long bridges to connect its components. 

This watches mechanical movement is completely skeletonised. I split the display of time between two beams - one supports the hours and the other, the minutes.

Durability was another focus, so the balance wheel hovers in the centre of the watch, suspended by a titanium bridge which will enhance its shock absorption, together with its hollow case shape.

This is how all my designs start out - drawn, freehand on paper.


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