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Below you can see examples of my more feminine watch designs, and their intentions.

Usually I will create a watch design from our discussions, but some of the watch designs on my website are available to use if you would like them for your brand, or as a one of one watch for your collection.

luxury watch design for women

Midnight Flowers Women's Watch

Moving parts bring life to a watch literally and also figuratively. By presenting them in unique and interesting ways the wearer will discover a unique relationship between practicality and design.

In this example, parts of the watch movement, namely the balance wheel and micro rotor, blend into the theme of the watch as flowers. Now they play as two characters - in the performance of the design and in their function.

The idea behind this luxury watch design for women were flowers that would open up and glow in the moon light, and so the name Midnight Flowers came to mind.

diamond and gold tourbillon watch design
Gold and diamond luxury watch design

Pryramids of Giza Tourbillon Watch

While visiting Egypt I was inspired by the landscape and the incredible pyramids that reached to the stars. I have always been fascinated by them and their connection to the constellations in the night sky. 

There are so many interesting and captivating places around the world, it made me think about creating

watches inspired by these special locations.

Women's chronograph watch design
Women's sports watch design

Women's Sports Watch Design

When thinking about a sports watch design it is easy to follow conventional paths. I believe it must be clear to read and practical for the wearer, but it can also be fashionable and fun. 

Every colour and tone has an energy which can affect our mood and feeling. Colour plays an essential part in achieving harmony of design.

This women's sports watch design was inspired by Serena Williams and her incredible tennis career.


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