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My name is Oliver Gallaugher. I am a watch designer with lots of ideas and a fresh outlook when it comes to creating watches.


Bristol is a green, harbourside city in England where I grew up, and it is known for its creative spirit. From a young age I would be drawing everyday, coming up with new technological inventions and visualising ways to improve existing products. Along with robots and video game controllers I became interested in yo-yo's, which inspired me to send one of my designs to 'Yomega' - a very popular yoyo company at the time. Unfortunately they did not hire seven year-olds but were very encouraging.

My appreciation for watches was something I developed much later on. I had always liked them, but had never seen their inner workings and mechanical hearts. Being so detail focused, I was amazed to discover the micro engineering achieved in some watch movements and the surprising complications that have been made possible now and throughout watchmaking history.   


One of the most fascinating things about watches for me is their purpose - their connection and representation of time. I believe one of the reasons why we continually try to advance watchmaking and develop complicated and expensive watches is because we value the concept of time so much - we are looking for a way to capture its worth, as ultimately, it is the most valuable thing we have.

'Good design is obvious, great design is transparent.'


Please read the services and FAQ page before contacting me, to have a further idea of the process and costs involved with designing a watch.


I look forward to hearing from you and making your project a big success.



Thank you. Message sent.

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